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Zimbra: work more productive and more professional

Zimbra - What is it?

Zimbra is an analogue Exchange, a software placed on the E-mail server that creates a user friendly interface for access to E-Mail, Agenda, Contacts and „To-Do Lists“.Data can be synchronized on a wide variety of devices (PC's/Laptops/Cell Phones), as well as multiple platforms ( Apple, Microsoft, Linux).

Calendar data and documents can be accessed by other individuals of your choosing. For this reason Zimbra is known as collaborations software or Groupware solution.

Why should I use Zimbra?

Zimbra allows you to access important documents and data wherever you are whenever you need it. Constant synchronization enables you to maintain perfect data synchronization on all of your devices. (PC, E-mail server, Mobile device, Laptop etc.).

Zimbra makes team work and coordination simpler by providing a basis for the exchange of calendar and document data for multiple users.

Access possibilities

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Mobile devices: Sychronisation with ActiveSync. SyncML is not supported, Black Berry nur mit zusätzlicher Softtware.

  • Browser for Access to E-mail
  • Outlook connection for synchronisation with Outlook
  • Zimbra desktop as local E-mail client, no connector necessary
  • Active Sync, iSync for access from mobile devices


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